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Kids Keyfest Program


Learning how to play the piano is only a small part of what the Keyfest Group Program brings to your child’s development. The lessons are also designed to enhance life skills such as social and interpersonal development, teamwork, leadership and listening skills – all while being FUN! The Keyfest Group Programs are delivered within a one-hour time frame in ways that ensure your child leaves feeling excited about music!

Private instruction - before select an instrument

Not all kids are created equal. Some have special abilities to read quickly and accurately. Others listen and repeat exactly what they heard perfectly. No matter what talent your child has, these will be highlighted and developed in the private instruction format without compromising their development in all of the 9 areas of music literacy.


Are you interested in exposing your youngster to the benefits of music at a young age? Is your youngster already responding to music but too young for formal lessons? Take a look at our comprehensive pre-school program to help nurture their musical interest in an age-appropriate environment.

Musical Theatre

Have you ever seen home movie clips of famous performers singing and dancing when they were children? Do these clips remind you of your child? Then it might be time to introduce them to Kids Music Theatre. Give them a chance to shine not just at home but on a real stage!